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Aesthetic, gum and oral rehabilitation

Routine dental treatment normally involves scaling and polishing as well as removal of caries and decayed tooth structure. Decayed tooth structure is then replaced with filling material. Currently, most fillings are done to achieve function without compromising on aesthetics. Missing teeth can be corrected by either a bridge, implant or dentures using the latest technology. Most teeth can now be restored endodontically without the need of extraction.


At Zaara, we fix broken smiles by putting in fillings so that patients can eat and smile comfortably. Discoloured or 'yellow' teeth can be corrected with tooth whitening process.


We offer a wide range of treatments from scaling and polishing to endodontic treatment at reasonable price without compromising on your comfort.

Children and special needs

Children and adults who suffer from fear of dental treatment are known as dental phobics. Children requires different treatment options than adults, therefore cannot be treated similarly. Normally, behaviour management and painless dentistry will reduce the fear and treatment can be completed without problems.

At Zaara, we accommodate in treatment of children and people with dental phobia with a lot of coaching, patience and care to help patients slowly but surely overcome the fear.

We  are also designed to treat people with disability and special needs.


Currently, wearing braces is the current trend in correcting mal-allignment of teeth, normally caused by over crowding of teeth and small bone structure. Wearing braces normally takes about 2-3 years to correct the defect and maintain good result. Contrary to popular believe, adults can also use braces to correct any teeth malallignment and achieve those smiles that you want.

We have an in-house orthodontic specialist and you are more than welcome to come in and do a consultation session without any obligation for treatment. We are here to listen to your needs.


Certain cases require surgery such as extraction of teeth and wisdom tooth removal (third molar). For complicated cases we have an oral maxillofacial specialist that can attend to your surgery.

Some aesthetic cases also require surgical intervention that can be done at a hospital  nearby to suit your needs, such as removal of all third molar under general anaesthesia.

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