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At Zaara we are committed to provide you with excellent dental care at reasonable price. Our dentist and dental specialists are highly qualified with working experience in UK and New Zealand, hence we are able to provide you with the highest standard of care. Our latest technology and clinic are designed to provide extensive range of dental services for all ages and to the physically challenged without compromising your comfort.


  • ​Children and special needs dentistry.

  • Orthodontic (braces).

  • Aesthetic and bleaching.

  • ​Surgical reconstruction and implants.

  • Tooth and functional restoration.​​

  • Scaling and polishing

  • Endodontics and crowning.


“I have got rid of my recurring tooth aches and sleepless nights. My dental procedure was relaxed. You are so caring, gentle and comforting, I'm relieved.  Thank you Dr. Nurul for spotting and attended to my problems right away!"​
Datin Milan Johari


Client Beyond Borders

We would like to welcome our clients that would like to combine their holidays with dental work. Rest assure that we aim to provide professional and excellent dental care close to home as our dentist and specialists are trained and have worked overseas, in fact most of us are still kept on the dental registrar in UK and New Zealand. The best part is that our dental works are affordable while we maintain a high quality service. We also cater for people who are dental fright with several sedation methods. Do read our patient testimonies.
So sit back and relax, enjoy your holiday in Malaysia while we take good care of you as always with Malaysian hospitality, we bid you 'Selamat datang", Welkomen, Kia Ora!! 
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